PlantainSound is an independent Irish label collective consisting of Plantain Papi, F3miii, B4bzy, and Sophie Jane. The label was started by Plantain Papi and his manager Joy Nwagiriga.


 The aim of this collective is to promote the talent and uniqueness of each artist on our roster. These four homegrown artists are masters of their various genres ranging from hip hop to alternative rock to afrobeats. Aside from rapping/singing, our roster can write, produce and engineer any type of music.


PlantainSound artists have collabed with, produced and written music for talented artists such as; MangoxMathman, Offica, SELLO, UNQ, Tolu Makay, KhakiKid, 7th Obi and Jafaris to name a few. PlantainSound’s main objective is to produce internationally-acclaimed Irish artists. 

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